BEA & EFF #1 – 7
edited by Tim Stocoak
1993 – 1997
Sit down, kiddies and I’ll tell you about a time up to the late 80’s when people (excluding Japan) didn’
t give a damn about animation. This art form were strictly limited to the Saturday morning and
weekday afternoon variety that kids liked and adults hated and the occasional Disney fare that were
trying to catch up to their glory days. Then came ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ and ‘The Simpsons’
and EVERYBODY suddenly started to pay attention….

This discovery and the disposable economy of the 90’s spawned not only this recovery but an
underbelly sub-culture of animation cell collecting….excuse me, ‘Limited Edition Animation Cell
Collecting’ and its death grip was monstrous. Living in Los Angeles during that time, I lost count of
how many specialty Cell galleries that opened and briefly flourished.

Scott Mako was also taking note of this and the magazines that sprouted around it, like In Toon,
Animato! and Storyboard: The Art Of Laughter. In what might be an act of self-defense against this
barrage, he made up a factious name and unleashed BEE & EFF Magazine, the anti-mag of this
bloated landscape.
One of the many suspects of this noisy
trend was Hanna-Barbara Studios, the
folks who brought you Scooby-Doo, The
Jetson, The Flintstones and all the others
in their meat grinding cheaply made peanut
gallery from the late 60’s and 70’s and they
proved they were NOT above further
exploiting their exhausted inventory by
flooding this market with “Limited Edition” of
reproduced cells, posters and books….and
Warner Bros. with their Loony Tunes, and
Disney were not too far behind falling into
this pit.
Scott offers a fake ad of other slices of H-B’
s “The Masters Class” cells like ‘Fred’s
Last Stand’ where Jesus Last Supper is
populated by H-B cast of characters and, a
personal favorite, ‘The Anatomy Lesson Of
Dr. Benton Quest’ where H-B are gathered
around to watch the corps of Magilla
Gorilla about to be cut open. The zine also
asks the important questions like: Did Ub
Iwerks’ parents have a cold when they
named him?’

However, a lot of the humor also came
from the actual clips from the suspects
themselves: H0-B boasting how “crazy”
they are for offering actual cells from a
disastrous Dr. Success TV special, the
bottom pit of shame from The Flintstone
movie, WB’s Looney Tunes jewelry
collection, the urban legend surrounding
old Walt and his frozen body, the letter
sections from various animation
magazines, etc., It also didn’t help that
Howard Stern brutally harassed his
producer about his cell collecting on a
daily basis.
As with many fads, once they dried up, so did the money and the interests…..on the bad side, so did
Bea & Eff.
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