For reasons too ridiculous to go into here, I found myself living in this
town of Grover Beach, California ten years ago after spending 98% of
my lifetime in Los Angeles. This move was more or less foretold as my
first encounter with this town was well over 30 years ago when my
grandparents first moved here through Paso Robles. After living in
Santa Monica for 20 years, my grandfather sold the house and bought
a large place in Paso Robles. There wasn’t much they knew about the
town at first but my grandmother soon discovered how incredibly hot it
got and after surviving just one summer, she threatened her husband
that if they didn’t move out of Robles
very soon, she was going to pack
up and leave him for good.

Thus, he found a small place just three blocks from the beach…in
Grover Beach….well, at the time, Grover City which was named after
Dwight William Grover. You can Google and/or
Wikipedia for the full
history. It wasn’t until 1992 that the city voted to switch to the more
fashionable title of ‘Grover Beach’.

My days of old wasted youth here was spent listening to the Las Vegas
radio station
KDWN (thanks to its 50,000 watt signal), seeing grandma,
driving grandpa nuts (by accident which was easy to do as he was a bit
of a grump), goofing around downtown Pismo Beach, checking out old
Boo Boo Records and whatnot. Adding insult to injury, I can still see my
old sidewalk graffiti on Grand Ave from those early days. The cliché of
fate written in stone can be also seen rubbed into my face for all the
public to see.  

Now, being a hard core urbanite and so use to the endless landscape
that is LA, moving to this place was a personal challenge as there
wasn't much to explore and I had to adjust to the slower place of the
area…outside those three-day weekends where the town is invaded by
ATV maniacs from Bakersfield and Fresno on their way to the Oceana
Dunes, resulting in a 78-hour grudge match between tourist and
residents….oh, yea, I have to add the Wal-Mart parking lot in Arroyo
Grande to this list: NOT an easy place to survive, generally on
I can bitch all I want about this situation, but it’s better to get off your butt and do something about it than turning
into your grumpy grandpa before your next meal. Therefore, what you’ll find here are just a few oddball pictures of
this town I managed to hunt down with a few rare Tikis to keep things ‘exotica’.

BTW, for those who are civil sensitively minded, this little end of the internet doe
s not officially represent Grover
Beach in any way. Unofficially….well, don’t blame me…a lot of this stuff was here way before I came.
Don Fields
oddlystupid at yahoo dot com
Speaking of Tiki, here a page dedicated to Trader Nick’s of
Pismo Beach, CA!

This goof-ball site is dedicated to my Grandma (
left) for, among
other things, talking grandpa out of Paso Robles and the
Walking In LA site for the inspiration.

All photographs taken by me, Don Fields, unless noted
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