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Another two years and another stab at updating this here site. So much updating that I’ve lost count of how many
times I’ve gone through this whole deal. Well, this site has a new more reliable location at Don-O’s,
THAT much I can remember.

This time, I’m using a better web page program than the last one, hence the slowness with this site and the
frustration behind it in the past. Thus, I’m able to add and update without banging my head through the PC

There are still updates and “stuff” to do around here, like finishing The Life Of Josie’, but now this can be done
without physical and technological violence to myself and the poor PC.
UPDATED March 15, 2012
WHAT THE....?!

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the new guards at Archie’s Comics are
shaking things up quite a bit. Sure, this is old news as of late,
thanks to the comic title’s first gay character, Keven Keller.
However, this was some time coming as the company offered their
first interracial relationship last year.

In issues of Archie #608 and #609, a story arc called ‘
It Starts
With A Kiss
’, had both bands of Archie and Josie making plans to
got on tour together and, during the preparation, Archie Andrews
and Valerie Smith strike up a small friendship that eventually leads
to a close relationship.

Archie just released a book compiling both issues and it’s at
internet book sites everywhere, including the companies web site.
Also check your local comic book store near you.        
JOZINE is happy to report that Dan DeCarlo is now officially on the internet! was
launched sometime ago with just a couple of pages, but now, it's a much MUCH bigger site: lots of videos and
art, newsletter registration and biography information on not just Dan but Josie and their two sons….and it
looks official as the copyright notice is registered to Josie herself, so this is a good sign.

We’re happy to see that this big site is helping to claim Dan’s legacy and hope they will do a much better job of
it than Archies’…and with screaming fanboys like yours truly.

After many years of being stuck in out-of-print limbo,
Rhino Records digitally released the original Josie LP
through it’s Rhino Handmade label in 2001…where it
soon went back into the limbo soon after.

What were just as rare were PATRICE HOLLOWAY’s
solo records that were recorded before and after her
stint with ‘Josie’. Earlier this year, the UK label, Ace
Records, has released ‘LOVE & DESIRE: The Patrice
Holloway Anthology’, a 25 track collection of her singles
from her post and pre Josie works, from various labels
like Motown and Capitol.

This set is not only packed with tracks but it contains
extensive liner notes detailing her career and life and
testimonies from her close friends and family members.
The producers also acknowledged Don Charles’s
writings in the credits. Expect a write up in this
somewhere in the site, but for a more extensive, almost
obsessive, critique, read Pop Culture Cantina review! It
will keep you busy…well as make run out or surf the net
for a copy!
'JOSIE' IS FINALLY (and digitally) HERE!

As many of you already know, JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS: THE
COMPLETE SERIES was released. This package contains the full
first season of the TV series on 2 DVD’s; actually its 3 DVD’s as
the second disc is double sided. The only special feature included
here is the long rumored documentary on Josie creator, Dan

The digital transfer of the old shows is quite good, though thanks
to the high quality, you can clearly see the occasional light
reflections on the original animation cells. Good old Hanna-

As for the documentary, it was quite good and informative. They
interviewed friends and colleges like Bill Morrison, Scott Shaw,
Stan Lee, Casey Kasem and, the inspiration of it all, Dan’s widow,
Josie DeCarlo! The big shocker was that they even interviewed
Archie Comics president Michael Silberkleit! For those of you who
kept up with recent Josie/Jozine history, you might know all about
the crap Silberkleit gave DeCarlo during the 2001 movie and
towards the end of Dan’s life.

I am glad that DeCarlo was mentioned through out the
documentary as well as the package as the creator of the whole
deal, even though the end credits mentions the legal BS that
Archie created Josie based from Dan’s ideas….even though the
program proved vise versa.

Still, fanboy grudge aside, I can’t complain much. I’m just glad that
the thing got released and Dan and the real Josie got some
deserved credit.

No word as to
if/when the ‘Outer Space’ episodes will see similar
Singing Pussycat member, PATRICE HOLLOWAY, had passed away of a heart attack in October 1, 2006 and
was laid to rest on the 16th in Los Angeles, CA.

This announcement was a shock as, outside of CHERYL LADD, very little is known (
or documented) of the rest
of the Pussycats after they were let go by Capitol Records. While Cathy Douglas was never to be heard in the
entertainment industry again, Ms. Holloway continued with her multi-talented career as background singer and
writer, though her solo recordings slowly ended after ‘Josie’.

Stuffed Animal (
a. k. a. Don Charles), who also wrote the Josie article for the late and great Cool & Strange
Music Magazine, has written a well researched and lengthy obituary on Ms. Holloway for the pop music web site
SPECTROPOP. We thank the writer and the web site for “finding” Ms. Holloway, though this was under very
sad circumstances.
Not much is known about the founder and publisher of ARCHIE'S COMICS and the Comics Code Authority, John
. Considering his controversial reputation in the comic industry, this was intensional as any attempts
to get official biographical information from his offices is either quickly turn down or falls on deaf ears.

The good folks at Fantagraphic Book's Comic Journal has posted comic historian R C Harvey's lengthy article on
Goldwater. This is probably the biggest and the most informative piece you'll read about the man. Here's the
It is with great sadness that we report that the women that inspired Dan DeCarlo to create Josie & The
Pussycats has died in her sleep in the morning of March 14.

It was first reported in
Mark Evanier's News From Me site later that day. There were no further details

Needless to say...well, this is truly sad. Thank you Ms. DeCarlo for everything and we'll miss you!

Here's a tribute from
Sam Conway's LiveJournal blog.