(The following excerpt interview was published in Jozine #2 & #3. The full
version was published in BEE & EFF Magazine in 1996)
The Voice Behind The Man Behind The
A few quickie questions with Alexander’s musically-inclined alter-ego, Casey
Kasem. By Scott M.
Jackie Josph played the buddy blonds Melody. What was she like?

Jackie’s terrific. That character she created is really funny. Of course she did that on television on one of the
[live-action] series. She’s been in acting for years. You don’t see her much anymore, but she did a lot of on-
camera things.

‘Josie & The Pussycats’ was a music-theme show. Did any of their songs ever make it high up enough on the
charts to be featured on you weekly countdown show?

No. Nothing.

I didn’t think so. So did Joe Barbera ever try to slip you a few bucks to squeeze them on there anyway?

No…(laughs)…no…No but I do remember one Joe Barbera asking me a question. Joe is a wonderful guy. He
would always stop you in the hallway and have a question for you. Always did. Anytime I ever saw Joe he’d
say, “Casey, I for a question for you.” And he says, “Casey, we’re looking for someone who is just a great
[song] writer. Someone who’s up and coming and someone who you really think is great. I said “Yeah, I got
somebody in mind.” He says “Who?” I said “A fellow named Lionel Richie.” Yeah—before Lionel became big.
He says “Lionel Richie? He’s good?” I said “oh yeah…he’s gonna be big…” I don’t know if he ever used him
or ever called him but I sure was right on that one.

Sherry Alberoni played the obnoxious and scheming Alexandria on ’Josie’ and a few years later, she played a
similar character in ‘Jabber Jaw’. What was Sherry getting these roles?

I don’t know (laughs) Oh, [Sherry was] really nice. I was Alexander and she was Alexandra the Third [!]. Yeah,
she was terrific. Voice actors are fun to work with ‘cause nobody has to worry about make up, or memorizing
their lines – I think it’s the best kind of acting there is. Who was Josie?

Janet Waldo.

Janet! She’s wonderful! I’ve worked with her on many cartoons.

About how long did it take to record an episode of ‘Josie & The Pussycats’?

We’d be there for a couple of hours. It was always fast.

How many ‘Josie’ episodes did you generally record in one workday?

Just on. Occasionally we’d do two.

What was the atmosphere of those sessions? Pretty casual and laid back, or frantic, or what?

Never frantic. Never frantic. Always laid back and fun. They always gave you food at Hanna-Barbera, when
you’re working there. They’ve have some fruit there and some kind of a pastry or something like that…[They]
always went out of their way to be very hospitable to their actors. People loved working at Hanna-Barbera.

On the ‘Scooby episodes where Josie and the Pussycats, and Batman and Robin guest-starred, where you’d
be doing two major voices – Shaggy and Alex or Shaggy and Robin, was it tough to go back and forth from
one to the other.

There was an episode with Josie & The Pussycats?! Oh, I didn’t know that! Oh my gosh – I must have
sounded like myself doing Alexander and Shaggy at the same time! I don’t remember! I don’t remember doing
that. It was easy doing Robin and Shaggy – But it seems to me that Alexander had a little quality Shaggy in
his voice. At least I think they wanted me to do as much as I could get away with, with a Shaggy-type
character- without being Shaggy, so they encouraged that.
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