The List
Of The
(mix tape)
Sometime ago, I finally finished my newest edition of Twilight World (#9) and its main article is a
large list of favorite 70’s albums that I either grow up with or later liked much later on called ‘The
List Of The Lost’. Why ‘Lost’? Well, you’re gonna have to read the issue in question yourself.

Not leaving enough alone, I ended up putting together a ‘mix tape’ loosely based on that main
article; ‘mix tape’ as in two digital CD-R’s formatted the old fashion way as ‘disc one’ is titled as
‘side one’ and so on just like a LP or tape side. Old habits die hard.

One other old habit I was dealing with was this mix ‘tape’ disease I’ve been carrying for decades
which prompted me to do this in the first place….outside of bonus time this weekend. Thus I
randomly picked tracks from some of the albums listed in this ‘List’ and spilled them over or
squeezed them into the two ‘sides’ mixed in with some bonus related stuff to make things more

…and as with a project like this, I crowbared a cover and slapped it on, which you can see on
this posting.

Anyways, I made my master copy and a couple more which I plan to sneak/send off to some
friends to scare with….I’ve done that before and since I haven’t scared them off yet, I’ll do it
again. You all have been warned.

There are some tracked listed here, like ‘The Banks Of The Ohio’, that I ranted about in the zine
and are used here for evidence, but then you could have used YouTube to figure out my said
ranting, so this might be moot. However, as mentioned before, some habits and formats die
hard. So deal with it.

Enjoy the sounds in yer head while reading this….and hold your breath should this sucker show
up in your mailbox….then you should move and NOT leave me your new address.

Hurr hurr hurr….,

SIDE (disc) ONE
Theme From Endless Summer/The Sandals/from the ‘Endless Summer’ OST/1965
Bare Necessities/ NOT Walt Disney/from the 2001 remastered ‘Jungle Book’ OST/1967
You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby/Josie & The Pussycats/from ‘Josie & The Pussycats’/1970
WSDM/The Sign Of the Times (
bonus track)/WSDM/1970
How Can You Bend A Broken Heart?/Bee Gees/1971
All Day Music/War/from ‘All Day Music’/1971
I’m Beginning to See The Light/Dancers In Love (
live)/Duke Ellington/from ’Live At the Whitney’
Son Of WINO/George Carlin/from ‘AM & FM’/1972
Banks of The Ohio/Olivia Newton-John/from ‘If Not For You’1972
Giggles Goggles/The Electric Company/from ‘The Electric Company’ OST/1972
Dope Humor Of the 70’s (
bonus track)/The Firesign Theatre/1972
The Love That I Lost (
full version)/Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes/from Love Train’ box set/1973
Boogy Man (
bonus track)/Martin Mull/1977
A Date With Danger/The Credibility Gap/from ‘A great Gift Idea’/1974
Happy Hour News/The Firesign Theatre/from ‘Everything You Know Is Wrong!’/1974
Somewhere USA/Gordon Lightfoot/from ‘Sundown’/1974
Could It Be I’m Falling In Love?/The Spinners/from ‘One Of A Kind’ anthology/1974
Be Thankful For What You Got (
expanded version)/William DeVaughn/1974
Fire On High Instrumental (early alternative mix)/Electric Light Orchestra/from 2005 remastered
‘Face The Music’/1975

SIDE (disc) TWO
Emotional Weather Report/Tom Waits/from /Nighthawks At The Dinner’/ 1975
Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding/Elton John/from ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’/1975
Variations of ‘The Nutcracker Suite’/Wendy Carlos/from ‘By Request’/1975
Lud & Marie Meets Dracula’s Daughter/Lily Tomlin/from ‘On Stage’/1976
Compassionate Man/Olivia Newton-John/from ‘Don’t Stop Believein’/1976
The Whale/Electric Light Orchestra/from ‘Out Of The Blue’/1977
Floats! (excerpts)/The Credibility Gap/from Floats!’/1977
Vegas/Steve Martin/from ‘Let’s Get Small’/1977
Sheik Of Araby/Leon Redbone/from ‘Double Time’/1977
Jerry’s Disco ad (
bonus track)/1978
San Francisco-Hollywood/Village People/from ‘Macho Man’/1979
Star/Earth Wind & Fire/from ‘I Am’/1979
March from 1941/John Williams/from ‘1941’ OST1979
The Creature Of The Black Lagoon/Dave Edmunds/from ‘Repeat When Necessary’/1979
Reception-Getting Closer/Paul McCartney & Wings/from ‘Back To The Eggs’/1979

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