From 1990 to 2001, I was with many who jumped on this “zine revolution” deal, putting out xeroxed stapled tombs for
some to review in the pages of
Factsheet Five and a bit more to read. Whatever artwork, comics and cultural
deconstruction I had in me head was plastered in digest pages and the world was going to pay for it…in more ways
than one.

I unconsciously stopped my zine production soon after my third Josie & The Pussycat zine. Reasons for this was that
FS5 had folded, 9/11, the main subject in the said Josie zine just died and the internet revolution was spreading
sloth amongst the members of the previous revolution, effecting my readers, my enthusiasm and, finally, myself….
say ‘hello’ to the new boss, sucker!

Finally, old age and the boredom that cripples you when you move to a small town got the best of me and I returned
to the zine-verse with a quarterly zine title named after a cool Swing Out Sister song: TWILIGHT WORLD (zine

It’s a per-zine of random slices of my life and god-knows-what that currently falls into me head. When blog entries
get too repetitive and redundant in these overexposed days of the internet, you might as well chuck it, write it down
and go broke xeroxing it…..and that’s what I did.

To borrow an excuse from Neil Innes, “I suffered for my art, now it’s your turn.”

All issues from 1 to 18 contain the usual reviews and are 8 ½ x 11, B&W and 12 pages (except #1, which is only 10
pages and #18 is 16 pages) and come with a price tag of $2. All issues from 18 on are digest size and comes with a $3
price tag. Trades are okay, but I don’t read poetry…just warning ya!
No prisoner trades. All issues are available at the
following address:
Don Fields
266 Ramona Ave.,
Grover Beach, CA 93433
or go to my Etsy page
Dump Home
#8 (left)
First, there’s a small tribute to Harvey Pekar
which includes my own encounters with the
Splendor, an
examination of fanboy of my
non-youth of the early 90’s and a visual tour
through parts of the unknown and forgotten
Las Vegas . Why? I don’t know. If I have to
deal with THAT, so can you.
#9 (right)
Ponder your mortality as I question mine as I
continue this musical list habit from the 20
Years of Noise from TW #7 into The List Of
The Lost, a grab bag of some faves from
the 70’s. I manage to pull out some LP’s that
still makes sense these days. I added two
bonus pages just for this ish to fit in some
art in the form of a two page cover. To make
mater worse, I ended up making a
mix tape
out of this project and scared some friends
with it!
#10 (left)
In this issue, I sadly relive my brief time
working at a
comic book store (two weeks
tops) and pay the price of watching The
Gong Show. Plus, there some brief notes
about surviving another round of Mardi Gras
and the vortexes at Sedona, Arizona.
Marc Schirmeister once again graces a TW issue, this time incorporating Shmuck-O Rat stuck in
the middle of Bakersfield…speaking of which, I spew forth a weekend stuck in said town….and while
I’m at it, I visually spew forth on
some musical heroes as part of a art project!
#15 (right) March Schirmeister
provided a ‘Louie Louie’ inspired
cover. There an
recent Las
Vegas travelogue to tie you over
well as an old piece of a
European diary to contend with.
Oh, yea, keeping the accidental
travel ‘thing’ going here, a two
visual lesson of Grand Canyon
# 16 (left)
It’s time has come! Not just for
this long awaited issue, but what
it took to fill up the pages…notes
from two weeks worth of Florida!:
the mouse, the timeshares, the
beaches, its odd laws and
cultures, though not much with
the alligators and pink flamingos.
#18 (left) This and following TW
issues goes on a “zine retro” binge
by taking a step back to 5 ½ to 8 ½
digest size. Smaller size but more
pages, 20 big small ones!

This time, two damned Vegas trips
are chronicled, proof of Vegas
culture is examined as I attended a
comic/book fest with an appearance
of F. Andrew Taylor and son, see a
show by Olivia Newton-John and a
rare appearance by Shumuck-O
#21 (right) 20 B&W pages of god-
knows-what of the following: two weeks-
worth of Mardi Gras in New Orleans
with MANY pictures, a comic balls deep
Pulp Fiction and the rest of the
90’s (only with fur) and a opening
shout out and warning to
Vaughn and what was left of the 70’s
in his wake.
#20 (left) All goes to hell on the back
of Santa's sleigh with this 2/3rds
X-mas edition of the perzine! Thanks
to the US release of
Jingle Bells
Rocks! doc, my old X-mas music
obsession is unleashed with a list of
fave holiday albums. Then there my
time at a furry con, but that's getting
too dramatic.
#19 (upper right) Two and 1/2 trips
in one zine? It's plausible and this
issue made it possable; after saying
goodbye to
my sister (officially) and
washing it all down in Las Vegas,
there two weeks in New Orleans to
contained with Can one survive
Vegas and N'awleans within a couple
of months? Read about the carnage
and find out!
#22 (left)
I get all homesick on your ass with an issue long trite, ‘My L.
A.’; where I talk about parts of my old hometown. It only gets
worse when I go into areas of this urban jungle in detail like
Santa Monica, Venice Beach, South Bay and Long Beach
yea, I know the latter isn’t really part of L. A., but I was
grasping for straws here
). There’s even slightly more room for
a sub-plot:
old record stores I use to hang-out and barely

This issue is SO jam packed that I only had two pages of
reviews and current personal shtick to fill.