The next three
photo/illustrations are from
their 1978 brochure. This
one is so big that I had
trouble scanning this whole
thing. What few whole  
pages I managed to get
without accidentally riping it
or burning out the scanner
are the hotel's supposed
"mascot", a sexy genie.

Left, right and below are
different variations of this
genie, whom I'm referring to
by the name of 'Genie'.

This being Vegas, there a
certain 'Playboy' influence

No complaints here. Better
looking than the one on 'I
Dream Of Genie'
Above is taken from a brochure from, I think, from the very early 80's. Seems they
were planning an expansion from their 1977 remodeling. Sadly, it never happened
but to a few bankruptcies and political infighting.
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This is not brochure material, but this is a
patch I bought from the Aladdin. I had it
sewn on my jacket in junior hight school.