February 2013
part two
One small token that the local economy is picking back up was that Binion’s (formally The Horseshoe) brought
back their free promotion of having your picture taken with a million dollars. As I did this photo opportunity in the
early 80’s, I figure I’ll do it again, kinda like a ‘now and then’ mindset. As you can tell from the pic above, even
with the geeky smirk and thick glasses of yore, there hasn’t been much improvement with age, especially with my
old-fart level. Screw it! I was never a smiling kind of person anyways. One small note on the old picture, you
might notice the UNLV Running Rebel t-shirt. This was the closest I ever got to sports in my life and it was ONLY
because they were in Vegas and I had zero interest in basketball….Thank god inc. Earth Wind & Fire rocks
above that older shirt!

As far as gambling, or lack thereof on my end of the trip, I got quite lucky as I made out $75 on top, all of which
thanks to the Grease machine. This is a personal surprise as, on a more basic level, I freakin’ hate the movie.
This flick reminds me of all the things I can’t stand about the 50’s, it was made for and by people who prefer Pat
Bone’s versions of Little Richard records than Little Richard himself. For you youngin’s, google and/or Wikipedia
both of these names and puke on you own keyboard at this sad piece of rock history.

Well, bitching aside, I gave the Grease machine a shot and 5 minutes and a $50 profit margin later, I wasn’t
hating Grease as much. A few days later, I gave Olivia Newton-John another shot and she gave me 25 bucks in
Ending this trip in what the reader might think as
an anti-climactic way, I was taking a camera
through the downtown area, but not through the
more famous Fremont Street. The area between
the Stratosphere and Downtown is where the
REAL old Vegas is these days; a collection of
very old and usual buildings and apartment
buildings, a rustic arts district, old neon signs
and whatnot that regular tourists look over on the
way to Downtown (
IF they ever bother with this
side of the town
). In other words, all the stuff
regular people find boring as hell and delights
my urban antique interests. While digging the
usual old stuff, I saw a little detail that delighted
me silly. Lot of the bus stops in this area uses old
photos o’ Vegas past for historical
decoration…and I saw one from the 70’s that
included an old AMC Pacer parked in front of an
liquor store (
right). Now THAT’S vintage, bubba!!
It was during this trip that I bumped into a
few small piece of a celebration Las Vegas
had during their 75th anniversary time

They are located in front and to the side of
the Union Plaza.

...and no, I haven't taken picture of the
100th anniversary cement plaque.
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