July the 4th
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When the fumes settled, I brave out the crowded sidewalks
of the strip and I was crowded indeed. I wished I brought the
video, but there’s enough YouTubes of people cussing and
puking more than the entire run of Jackass (TV and movie
series), so I played conservative and brought the photo thing.

The crowds got so bad that the police and security had to do
some traffic control on the skywalks; if you at the Bellagio
and want to go across the street to Caesars, you have to the
other way around in the opposite direction until you ended
up at Caesars.

….and that was as far as I got before I turned back towards
The Club.
On the way there, the Jesus Guilt party made their regular spot on one end of the Bellagio sidewalk, but they had to make do for
attention with a small army of home-made Minions begging for change….and The Guilty Party wasn’t happy with that as I was
trying to take a picture of both parties on the same corner, one of the Guilties saw me and demanded me not to do it and erase
it. Huh? Both? Regardless, I did anyways and went on my way.

Sunday morning came with the family birthday gathering and feasting at the Paris Buffett and a stuffed stomach was had by
all….in a fancy guiltless way….compared to the one at Circus Circus…

From this point on, it was the standard heat wave through town and the A/C land of The Club before the day and trip were over….
though Allegiant wasn’t done with us yet as there was another three hour delay going back home…..complete with a
unannounced gate and plane change. It was a freakin miracle that our luggage came back….period.

From this point on, I’ll refer you to the two videos I made during this trip. They are self-explanatory.

Don-O's Las Vegas 4 O' July Trip Video

Don-O's Las Vegas 4 O' July Trip Video (outtakes)

The last video offered here is an updated title that I had on this very web site for a while until it slowed everything down and I had
to take it off. Here’s the link of it on YouTube.

Unglamorous Las Vegas Revisited 2015

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