It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but during the time that I
was too young to buy Playboy (
in public, at least), the only
real 'pin-up' action I could see was from some of the models
and showgirls in many of these brochures. I shouldn't be so
surprised as, this being Vegas, sex sells everything in this
town, even major hotels and casinos. Thus this demolition
derby with my wandering eyes and these paper 'baseball
cards' I was collecting.

This page is a small tribute to these beautiful women.

NOTE: the photo to the right is not from a brochure but of a
postcard from a couple of Vegas trips ago. It's sexy and
funny. A rare combination these days.
A NOTE ABOUT THE ABOVE: Not from a brochure,
but it was e-mailed to me by a friend who knew of my
weakness for these women. One of these days, I'll get
even with him!
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