(a Sin City mix tape)
If you’ve gone this far in this Vegas Dump site…at most the dump site in general…you know I’m a man of many
obsessions. Need I make a list here to remind you? The index page is nothing more than a door warning to abandon
ye hope before you enter pop culture abuse hell.

One personal obsession that hasn’t been directly addressed anywhere on this site is an old one of mix tapes. Judging
from the level of my personal involvement exhibited here, you can easily guess I went all out in this category,
including making elaborate cassette covers to house these tapes of musical gems!

Go to
my Rate Your Music page and witness the carnage I generated when I started on my ‘Nostalgia Series’
covering each decade of my youthful ears.

Doing a Las Vegas themed mix tape proved to be a small challenge as most compilations had the vibe of this city, but
never ABOUT the town…..and how many times can you hear covers of Viva Las Vegas without wanting to set fire to
the place.

I do enjoy the occasional collection of old lounge acts and their vanity recordings, mainly through the yearly Las
Vegas Lounge Spectacular Special DJ
Strike broadcasts through LuxuriaMusic.Com during the city’s anniversary,
but there hasn’t been any audio recordings directly related to Vegas….

That was until ‘
I’ll Take Las Vegas’, an on-line compilation made by Mr. Fab and offered through his insanely
amazing blog
Music For Maniacs. The tracks were standard but interesting lounge, but the title track got my
attention. Singer Mike Hudson singing in pure low-end lounge fashion the praises of old Sin City. Click
HERE to hear
the song itself as I don’t have the nerve to quote the lyrics here.

Soon after listening to Fab’s set, my old mix tape bug bit me hard and I soon began to take the shovel to my stash
and began to unearth some Sin City audio. This included sprinkling in some of my old KDWN radio spots for
“personal flavor”.

What follows are, so far, the volumes and track that made up….
1) It’s Betting Time
2) Viva Las Vegas/Elvis Presley
be smarky all you want, but you can’t deny the classics and
this is the biggest in this category!
3) I’ll Take Las Vegas/Mike Hudson
4) Theme From Vega$/Dominic Frontiere
5) Viva Shaf Vegas/Gene Pitney
This was the theme from Paul Shaffer’s TV special of the
same name that aired in the late 80’s on Showtime Network.
It was basically Shaffer’s tour through the alley ways and
lounges of Vegas. It was co-written by Harry Shearer. I can’t
remember the plot though
6) Christmas In Las Vegas/Los Straightjackets
7) Your Weekend In Las Vegas #1/Charles Supin-KDWN-AM
there was an old weekly segment KDWN had on weekends
where columnist Charles Supin would spend 4 minutes
dishing out the show updates and lounge news three times a
night. A small piece of old Vegas heaven
8) Las Vegas Tango/Niles Cline Trio
I don’t know much about these guys, but this was released
in 1990 and it had a fine vibe that Friends Of Dean Martin
would ape a couple of years later.
9) Christmas In Las Vegas/Richard Cheese
10) Las Vegas/Walter Schaf
11) Your Weekend In Las Vegas #2/Charles Supin-KDWN-AM
12) Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/I Love Vegas (Paris) (live)/Dean Martin
13) A Night On The Town...Drug Frenzy At The Circus Circus/Hunter S. Thompson
this came from the audioplay of the ‘Fear & Loathing’ book that came out in during the 90’s)
14) Introduction/Sunny (Live at the Stardust Las Vegas 1969)/Esquivel & His Orchestra
(Mr. Space Age Bachelor Pad Music himself was made for this town and this rare live stereo recording provides a
direct link between the two spectacular poles….at the Stardust, even!! Tracks like this proves that god does loves us
15) Orbit Inn & Casino1979 Grand opening/KDWN-AM
a live radio broadcast of the opening of the horridly sci-fi motel & casino, Orbit Inn. I miss that place!)
16) The Paris Casino/Mitchel Brown
this ambient of slots machines is from the off-beat and goofball documentary ‘Forever Friends’, some sort of a
straight faced alternative rocker version of Spinal Tap
17) USA Part 2: The Battle of Las Vegas/RIAA
This 22-minute track is a part of a MUCH larger collage album, USA, made by Mr. Fab’s alternative personality, R. I.
A. A. All I can say about this and the album itself that it’s dense and a handful….and it’s 4 CD-R’s long! Anyways,
RIAA take a trip through Vegas; warts, noise and all
18) Viva Las Vegas/Johnny Depp & Dead Kennedys
(a little something from the ‘Fear & Loathing’ movie soundtrack with Depp setting things up for Gonzo’s escape and
Jello Biafra belting…more like shrieking…one of Elvis’ signature tunes
19) Cirque du Soleil/Patton Oswalt
(from his debut album, comic Oswalt explains the C. D. S. unification complex)
20) Sand Dunes/Bali-Hi Blair House/KDWN-AM
since I’m trying to cover as much of the world of Vegas, its fake glamour included, I figured I might as well include
some commercials of the old motel population that use to cling to the Strip and Fremont Blvd. Red Hat Motel, we miss
1) Jingle Guy/Unknown Artist
well, where do I start with this one? From a CD
Eavesdrop and it’s a compilation of
cassette tape recordings found in thrift shops
largely in the Las Vegas area. This track is an
audition tape by a guy who wants to write
commercial jungles and we get to hear a few
2) Downtowner Motel/KDWN-AM
3) Las Vegas Cut/Knut Åsdam
4) Going Back To Las Vegas (live March 1992)
/The Pleasure Barons
one of the best live Vegas albums ever was
made by these guys; fronted by Country Dick
Montana from The Beat Farmers, Dave Alvin
from The Blasters and, the illegal Mexican
firework on top of this drunken rampage of a
tree, Mojo Nixon of Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper (of
Elvis Is Everywhere fame). In this
bootleg of a
show in Santa Cruz, Mojo does what he does
best, beat a song to its glorious death!....and this
was BEORE they got to Vegas!!
5) Vegas/Steve Martin & Steven Wright
6) Your Weekend In Las Vegas #3 (New Year’s
Eve Edition
)/Charles Supin/KDWN-AM
7) Las Vegas/Joni Adams
8) Viva Las Vegas/ZZ Top
9) Breakfast In Vegas/Landmark Hotel & Casino/KDWN-AM
another old weekly segment KDWN use to do was broadcasts from the Landmark Hotel and judging from this spot,
it sounded pretty elaborate. Too damned bad I never heard these shows
10) Las Vegas Celebrates its Centennial/Madeleine Brand/NPR
this was from 2005, in the middle of the city’s 100th anniversary. Lot of interesting moments here including Mayor
Oscar Goodman conversation with the Mayor from Miami. Gotta hand it to the guy, he loved his job
11) Ooh Las Vegas/Emmylou Harris
12) Luck Be A Lady/Tea Time (excerpt)/Frank Sinatra w/ Count Basie
Sinatra! This song might not be directly connected to the Vegas name, but you have to cut this song and the man
some slack. The only copy of have of Frank singing this song is from the Sands engagement with Count Basie. I slid
in some ‘Tea Time’ where Frank talks about the town and some Rat Pack ribbing on the side
13) Dean Martin/MGM Grand
14) F#%*ing Las Vegas/unknown
15) Wedding Vows In Vegas/Was (Not Was)
Frank Sinatra Jr. sings the fate of Vegas marriages)
16) Hookers For Liberace/RIAA
RIAA/Mr. Fab is a fellow old Vegas fan himself and made an album as a tribute to the town and era with ‘Sounds Of
The Swing-Set’. Since Dean and Frank have already been covered here, I’m including this track about the rhumba
swag of Mr. L
17) Opening from the 2013 Kitsch Niche Las Vegas Lounge Special/Louie LaVega/Ron Rogers
as mentioned before, Strike’s Kitsch Niche internet radio show pays a yearly tribute of the lounge Vegas-style and,
in this 2013 edition, his Louie La Vega shoehorns his Vegas lyrics into ‘New York, New York’ followed by really bad
jokes. It might not be pretty, but this is Vegas and Vega doesn’t care. Sit back with a good stiff one and let it ride!
18) Pajama Tops/Union Plaza Hotel & Casino
Union Plaza use to have productions of Broadway shows like Cabaret and Sugar. By the early 80’s, it was basically
celebrity plays of unknown origin staring Bob Denver and, in this spot, pin-up model June Wilkinson with afternoon
shows by Mickey Finn
19) Queen of Las Vegas/The B-52’s
20) Vegas Says Goodbye To The Stardust/Charles Phoenix/NPR
this is the NPR report filed by mid-century maniac tour guide Charles Phoenix on the sad occasion of the demise of
the great Stardust Hotel & Casino….and adding insult to injury, that $4 billion replacement never happened
21) Viva Las Vegas/Eläkeläiset-Humppaleka
I end this volume on an up note; a Oktoberfest arrangement of ‘Viva’…..I think)
What will future volumes hold? I don’t know yet as I suspect I blew my wad filling up the first two collections. If anyone
out there knows of any Vegas audio piece I might have forgot or haven’t heard yet, please do not hesitate to e-mail
me at oddlystupid at yahoo dot com for suggestions and/or links. If things work well for this project, I’ll post more
finished volumes here.

P. S.: a round o’ thanks should go to Mr. Fab, Strike, those who had helped with these two volumes and the
unknown lounge band who recorded a single about Vegas I dumped into in the Sahara Gift Shop in the late 70’s, but
was too broke to get it.
Volume Three
Volume Four
Volume Five
Volume Six