Volume Three
NOTE: just before the creation of this volume, I had discovered some more of those Vegas
commercials in my tape collection, only instead of originally recording them over the airwaves of
KDWN-AM, I had held my beaten up Sears boom box to the TV set during local broadcasts of UNLV
Running Rebel basketball on KHJ-TV in Los Angeles just waiting for these spots. These televised
games were hosted by the legendary sportscaster Chick Hearn. These weekly broadcasts were more
of a Las Vegas commercial than a sports show.
1) Las Vegas: The Star Of The USA/Las Vegas Visitor & Convention Authority
This audio track was from a promotional film they would play during half time of the Running Rebels games,
followed by Chick Hearn interviewing someone from the ‘Authority’ or a major hotel/casino
2) I Haven’t Got A Vegas Idea/Martin Mull
This is a track from Martin Mull’s 1978 album, ‘Sex & Violins’; a very lush album complete with a full orchestra
conducted by
Frank DeVol from Fernwood/America 2-Night (he played ‘Happy Kyne’ of the ‘Mirth Makers’). Wish
someone could remaster this album so you can hear the lushly lushness of Mull’s comedy
3) Straight To The Top (Vegas)/Tom Waits
from Tom Waits’ first “opera”, Frank’s Wild Years. This is the ‘Vegas’ version of this song. You can witness this
performance in his concert movie, ‘
Big Time’. Pure campy and creepy Vegas that only Waits can deliver!)
4) Ooh Las Vegas/Gram Parsons
5) Keely Smith: A Swingin’ Icon Of Early Vegas/Keely Smith/NPR
6) Las Vegas Tits & Ass/Lenny Bruce
7) Pin-ups 2001/Sahara Hotel & Casino
I do remember the visuals from this clip and, yes, the show was as 70’s-ish sci-fi sexploitation (outside of Flesh
Gordon dept.) as you imagine
8) Viva Las Vegas/Bruce Springsteen
9) Larry Las Vegas (live on KGIL-AM)/Sweet Dick Whittington
this clip is an intersection of two favorite old radio taping obsessions, Las Vegas and radio personality Sweet
Dick Whittington. Dated summer of 1978, Sweet Dick had a weekly Vegas segment during his daily morning
radio show. The voice of Larry belongs to show producer Barry Koff. Please excuse the seriously out-dated pop
culture references and jokes here
10) The Las Vegas Story/Gus Giuffre & Stan Skiba
this single was released in 1960 and, from what I can tell, was a it was given as a gift by The Mint, though I’m sure it
could have been found in gift shops city wide. Side one is a travelogue of the city’s history that, judging from the
music (entitled ‘Golden Nevada’) in the background, it was recorded in a roller rink. Giuffre is your narrator and
Skiba is the organist well as and writer
11) Las Vegas/The Magnetics
this is the b-side of the ‘The Las Vegas Story’ side and, admittedly, this is where the action is with this record.
According to its liner notes: “For best effects, The Las Vegas side should be played with loud volume to capture all
of the background sounds so typical of Las Vegas.” Thanks goodness they didn’t say this about side a
12) Maxim Hotel & Casino
(How’s this more obscure Vegas information: this spot and music only aired once and was replaced with the ‘Talk Of
The Town’ campaign for the rest of Maxim’s run)
13) Incident at Las Varoces (from The Stan Freberg Show)/Stan Freberg
Master satirist Stan Freberg had brief run as a radio show host for the CBS radio network in 1957. This sketch was
from his first episode, but unlike his usual material, it ends rather dramatically. Guess he wasn’t so much of a Vegas
14) Folies Bergere To Close In Las Vegas/Shereen Meraji/NPR
15) Showboat Hotel & Casino
I’m kinda like the background music here)
16) Viva Las Vegas/Dread Zeppelin
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