NOTE: not much to go on with this
one, only that this contains more
‘modern’ tunes than previous volumes.
1) Las Vegas - Sodom & Gomorrah West/Godfrey Cambridge
2) Vegas Polka/Frankie Yankovic
the OTHER Vegas polka)
3) Heaven Or Las Vegas/Cocteau Twins
4) Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas/Brandon Flowers
5) Vegas/Clubstrophobia
6) Your Love Is Like Las Vegas/The Thrills
7) Don’t Make Me Come To Vegas/Tori Amos
8) Showboat Hotel & Casino
9) Viva Las Vegas/Johnny Ramone
10) 40 Miles To Vegas/Southern Culture On The Skids
11) Las Vegas Scene/Wes Dakus
12) Stopping In Las Vegas/Chubby Checkers w/ZZ & De Maskers
13) Shoot (excerpt)/George Carlin
this is a brief excerpt from Carlin’s classic ‘FM & AM’ album about a certain word that got him fired from the
Frontier Hotel
14) Pearl Bailey & Jack Benny/Tropicana Hotel & Casino
15) Las Vegas pt. 2/Pearl Bailey/Lenny Bruce
(in spite of his Vegas termination, George Carlin was lucky compared to the disastrous relationship between Sin
City and Lenny Bruce. In this rare clip, Lenny talks of his very brief time on the Vegas stage before he got stomped
and kick outta town, thanks to a fire extinguisher and
Pearl Bailey. This is from the brilliant box set, Let The Buyer
16) Luck Be A Lady/Frank Sinatra
yup, I am being sarcastic by putting Sinatra after Lenny, but this town is always been rough around the edges for
certain personalities. Anyways, this is the better known album version of the same song I have from volume 2…and
the same one they play for the
Bellagio Fountains)
17) Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)/Hall & Oates
Vegas & stewardess….how swinging 70’s can you get outside of a disco at the Playboy Mansion!!)
18) Horseshoe Hotel & Casino
19) Las Vegas/Bert Kaempfert
20) Las Vegas/Patula Clark
21) Big In Vegas/Buck Owens
22) Las Vegas With The Lights Out/Garry Tah
23) Las Vegas Tango/Gil Evans
24) Castaways Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Damnit! "home"
Vegas Dump home
Las Vegas, Damnit! Vol. 3
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