Las Vegas,
volume 5
This volume crept up from behind my back and it was
completed before I knew it, thanks to the contributions by
fellow Old Vegas fanboy, the Fabulous
Mr. Fab (*), the
man behind the great blog
Music For Maniacs! Mondo
thanks, Sir Fab!! BTW, the cover is from
Stave Martin’s
last stand-up album,
The Steve Martin Brothers. Thanks
for putting up with us fans and this town, Steve. After
reading your autobiography, I’m glad to know that you didn’
t end up burning the Riviera down.
1) Gold Key Motel
2) Larry In Las Vegas*/Wild Man Fischer
(Wild Man Fischer and Las Vegas. If only Tiny Tim used Larry for his opening act in one of his Vegas engagements!
Look out, Elvis!!!!)
3) I’m Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas/The Everly Brothers
4) Viva Las Vegas*/Elvis Impersonator Mark W. Curran
5) Las Vegas*/Ken Curtis (Festus)
6) Las Vegas/Tony Christie
7) Las Vegas/Damita Jo
8) Las Vegas Blues*/Bell Sisters
9) Las Vegas Jubilee/Girls Delight*/Bob Vido
10) Las Vegas Tango/Gary Burton
The second version of Gil Evans piece, second only to Viva Las Vegas. A new Vegas standard, perhaps?)
11) Las Vegas: The Greatest Town Around (live on Late Night w/David Letterman)/The Saka Brothers
This was one of the acts to perform on NBC’s Late Night when David Letterman visited Las Vegas in 1987. I didn’t
even know I had
this as it was buried inside my Vegas DVD set. Paul must have had some fun!)
12) Larry Las Vegas Live!/Sweet Dick Whittington & Barry Knoff
You might remember Larry Las Vegas (Barry Knoff) from a previous volume. Well, this time Larry personally visits
the studios of KGIL-AM in Northridge, CA with Sweet Dick Whittington introducing him. As with the last piece, we
apologize for the criminally out-dated “humor”
13) Lucky Vegas Gamblin’ Man*/Rodd Keith
14) Allen & Rossi/Maxim Hotel & Casino
15) Marc Maron In Las Vegas Pt.1/Mark Maron
Maron is popular thanks to his ‘WTF!” podcasts and, in this excerpt from an early show, he visits Las Vegas and
begins to belly ache about the town with a side order of f-bombs.
16) Viva Las Vegas*/Nina Hagen
17) Penn’s Las Vegas Taxi Story/Penn Jillette
a small extract from Penn Jillette’s podcast Penn’s Sunday School. He has an interesting Dean Martin story in
Gilbert Gottfried’s show, but it’s quite long, so I’m going with this one
18) Plan 9 From Las Vegas*/Dept. Of Crooks
a fine contribution from Mr. Fab that’s currently working under my skull….damnit!)
19) Vegas*/Nico
20) Vegas/Woody Allen
21) What Is Vegas?*/Dancemission & JPL
22) Marc Maron In Las Vegas Pt. 2/Mark Maron
we catch up with Maron and he’s still gripping about Vegas….only he pays a visit to the old Liberace Museum and,
by the end of this piece, his spirit is lifted and is saved by the sleeve of Liberace’s robe.
23) Anthony Newley & Juliet Prowse/Desert Inn
24) Finale/Before The Music Ends*/Frank Sinatra
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