Las Vegas, Damnit! Vol. 6
The following are the liner notes of this latest (and possibly final) volume of my Las Vegas
mix tape series. The cover for this set is the no longer 'rejected' Wendy The Showgirl as
she is now seen strutting her stuff in front of 'Jubilee'!

Special thanks for this set goes to
Classic Las Vegas who sent me a vinyl copy of the
'Sight & Sounds Of Las Vegas' single. Speaking of which...
1) Sights & Sounds of Las Vegas side 1/Tourist
2) Lido’s 25th Anniversary/Stardust
3) Sights & Sounds of Las Vegas side 2/Tourist
This was the second record I bellyached that I couldn’t
find on this very site and, like the first (‘The Las Vegas
Story’), it is a tourist record. This one more ‘energy’
than the ‘Story’ 45 which employed some actors
serving as a couple reacting to the ’sights’ (as in the
hotels) around them with a narrator guide them and
you the listener along the way. All except the Lido de
Paris radio spot as this was from the airwaves of
KDWN-AM in the early 80's celebrating the show's 25
4) Desert Inn/Nevada Public Radio
This track, Las Vegas Extravaganza, The D. I. & The Mob and Entertainers are a part of a 2005
radio series called ‘
The Las Vegas I Remember’ that was broadcast on the Vegas NPR station,
KNPR-FM. It is a series of 10 to 15 minute audio documentaries on the town’s history; there are
stories on the 1980 MGM Grand fire, women’s contribution to the town, the civil rights struggle,
showgirls, etc. The selections I used here are more closely related to the casino industry. The
series is still on line, so check them out!
5) Lights of Las Vegas/Rod Rogers & the Travis Jay Jones Orchestra
If you’re not familiar with the Song-Poem genre, it’s basically people paying musicians to set their
poems to music and slap them in a vanity record label. It’s a small industry you could find in small
ads in the back of magazines. See the documentary ‘Off The Charts’ for further details.

What make this track notable is that it was taken from an album filled with Vegas related ‘song-
poem’ songs, ‘Las Vegas Souvenir’. Even more astonishing is that it has just been released on CD
on the
Essential Media Group label.)
6) Godzilla Eats Las Vegas/UNLV Orchestra
7) Hotel Nevada
8) Las Vegas Love Song/The Barnyard Cupcakes
9) Las Vegas-Jennifer Halloway/‘How’s Your News?’ Gang
Even I don’t even know how I dumped into this track. The ‘How’s Your News?’ gang were a modly
crew of the ‘mentally challenged’ reporters that traveled around the country in a RV asking various
by-standards “How’s your news?” There’s a documentary on them and their activities and they
were favorite guests on the Howard Stern Show.
10) Las Vegas Extravaganzas/Nevada Public Radio
11) Sahara’s Summer Spectacular/Sahara Hotel & Casino (w/Don Rickles)
I’m including these two radio spots as they are different versions of the same commercial, edited
for seasonal adjustment. Also, there’s Don Rickles intimidating ‘you pain suckers’ to visit.
12) Entertainers/Nevada Public Radio
13) Sahara’s Winter Spectacular/Sahara Hotel & Casino (w/Don Rickles)
see above liner note)
14) I Left My Wife In Las Vegas/The Doel Brothers
15) Las Vegas/Haven Records
16) Vegas Dollar/Rod Rogers & the Travis Jay Jones Orchestra
17) Fiesta Showroom/Hotel Frontier
18) The Mob, The D. I. and other stories/Nevada Public Radio
19) Four Queens
The Four Queens Hotel & Casino had, for a long time, a New Orleans theme and it mentions
‘Louis Prima’s Witnesses’, who was actually Sam Butera’s band as Prima left for the great Mardi
Gras parade in the sky in 1976.
20) When The Saints Go Marching In-Closing/Louis Prima & Keely Smith
Grant you, this is an unusual choice for this whole set as the song is usually associated with the
City Of New Orleans, but there is a connection between these two cities at work. First off, New
Orleans and Las Vegas are American cities that have made their reputation directly based on
human pleasure and desire, have little care of the outside world and both worship money and air
conditioning, though N. O. has a MUCH longer and deeper history as compared to Vegas’ young
age and lack of tolerance for its own history and traditions.

Then there’s the New Orleans-born Louie Prima who has both feet firmly planted in both cities.
21) KDWN I.D. acapella
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