It had to be done. Despite the lack of serving
artifacts and its questionable taste, the sci-fi
ORBIT INN & CASINO deserves its
own page on this site, brochures and all!

If you swing on over to the KDWN-AM page
you'll hear one of live broadcasts that took
place during its grand (re)opening night.

I remember visiting this place later and was
oddly impressed with its cheap, cheesy and
elaborate sci-fi decor. In spite of its small
space, I was quite impressed with it and it
easily rivaled Vegas World's own gambling

I'm sneaking in a couple of postcards; one
from my collection and another from
ABOVE: I suspect the above postcard was produced after their late 70's
"grand opening"
BELOW: ....and I'm guessing this one was before that
"grand opening".
POSTSCRIPT: The Orbit changes
many hands and names since the 80's
and was finally torn down in the
mid-2000's. The property is
currently in good use at the home of
the Las Vegas Container Park.
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