Why a site on Westchester, CA, a little suburban spot
between Marina Del Rey and Los Angeles
International Airport? And why is it from a more
personal perspective like myself!? First off, there isn't
any serious historical groups out there, much less a site
with more than one picture, that is, if not preserving,
showing off some interesting history of this small Los
Angles suburb.

Sure, there’s this Westchester/Plata Del Rey Historical
Society/Club/whatever deal, but the last time I tried
to contact them, nobody was home. I even visited
their offices at LMU but nobody was there. Doubt that
they have that office anymore.

So, I decided to tackle the minefield of internet web
design and slap one together.

One thing that should be noted about this hole-in-the-
wall is that, obviously, it's not an “official” nor a
“general” site at all. This is a more personal tribute to
this suburb that I spent a good chunk of my
impressionable days, circa 1979-1981. So don’t expect
anything like the some real estate corporate
sponsored version of local history trying to sell ya
something nor the History Channel, this’ll be more of ‘I
Love The 70’s’ and VH-1's latest notsalgic mini-series
mixed together with too much shmultz and self-
references galore.

Good Luck and dig in,
oddlystupid at yahoo dot com

‘Westchester, My Westchester’


‘Polynesian Village’ tribute

Photo gallery and left over god knows what


KXLU and The Molotov Cocktail Hour
(updated 6/18/2014)
Not much to report here, only to mention the official radio show of this web site, THE MOLOTOV COCKTAIL HOUR,
has finally rebooted their web site with lots of content and features with promises of more to come.

Soundsation Records have finally built themselves a nifty little website: pages of history, photots, bios plus a blog
for the latest bru-ha-ha. Really nice layout and all. You can visit their site
HERE. (BTW, don't be fooled, they don't
do the net deal "thing")
 Speaking of the Sound, sad bit of news from the original owners of the store. They are going
out of business with their own Soundsation in Issaquah, Washington. Click
HERE for more information. Thanks to
Darcy Wilson for the tip.

....and while we're on a link binge, I have been notified on a community website called
The Playa Westchester Hub.
It's a fine site that's frequently updated with latest information on what's going on around the 'hood. Check it out

While diggin through my files, I bumped into an 1999 L A Times article about one, if not
the founding fathers of
William Hannon. I don't know where to put this, so I'll just link it HERE!

As for this site? Well, now that I have a better web site program, this place will be updated and/or added more
frequently than the past.....
I freakin' hope.....so, keep checkin' around these parts.
© 2005-2014 Don Fields. All other photos, text and other content are copyrighted by their respective
owners. No copyrights were infringed.
Dump Home
This little photo of mine has been making the rounds, including a rather confusing
series of Westchester/Playa Del Rey history books by David J. "Duke" Duksherer.
This is the building that once housed Westchester Music. I'm a bit nit picky about
this as there were no credit given. However, this is the internet. So I better tell
myself to suck it in.
Jackass Goes To The Sandpiper!
A couple of screen shots from the Jackass: The Lost Tapes DVD. In a bit that
never aired, the Jackass crew hammered several skateboards together and
pushed them down Sandpiper and. later, Hermosa Beach pier. They did shoot
another bit down Pershing, but it had male nudity.