Don-O's Westchester Story part two
But then, I was also preoccupied with LAX. See THAT page for details, too.

When the Loyola Theatre turned into a gray medical building, my stomach turned 360
digress and I began to turn into Art Bell on speed, I was loudly complaining to friends that
they, for example, painted that poor thing gray just so to punish us all for enjoying THAT old
theater and not in some shoe box…blah…blah blah, etc.

That dropped kicked me into taking pictures of the area. Somebody had to, as even more
local landmarks began to give way to the era of the chain stores.
Westchester Music shrank and went out of business in 1981 after 35 odd years of business.
The old Ralph’s was changing locations. JC Penny and the Broadway Westchester had their
glamorous department store days suddenly come up dry. Compari’s would change into
the dreaded IHOP and the Marina Hotel had changed hands and started to desperately
remove or painted over the unique characteristics from its past.

Even the Faire itself would close up due to a thing called E-Bay by 2000.

Luckily, Soundsations only changed addresses to a couple of blocks down. Despite the
traditional change of time, the skeleton fragments are still here and my ‘history’ collection
slowly grew.
By now, this is going beyond just plain old selfish nostalgia. It’s trying to record a history, a more humane time
before shtick like Fox News, cell phones, strip malls, deregulation, sandblasting and etc. that made the world
more hostile bland and noisy.

However, you gotta keep your wits and perspective together. Think back to your days of “innocent youth” and see
how many people thought that the junk you love so much was just as trite. Especially if its something like disco
coming out of a cheap boom box carried by some mindless obnoxious nerd….like me.
ABOVE LEFT: Louis from The Temple Of Good Things ABOVE RIGHT: Bob's Big Boy in PDR on Manchester Blvd.
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