unofficial) SCREENING
October 15th 2010 at the Alex
Theatre in Glendale, CA
If you have been keeping track of such things, not only was 2010 the big 3-
0 for Xanadu, it had an unofficial screening to mark this historic mile post.
This little party was once again provided by Heather Hoban and obviously a
good time was had by all. The only difference was that there were no live
dancers during the Dancin’ number and there was a much larger pre-show

As per usual, yours truly was there to have the good time, take pictures
and take some mental notes for this web site. Unfortunately, you may have
noticed that…well…I haven’t set up a page for this event like I did with the
25th anniversary show. To be honest, things have been busy in Xanadu
and non-Xanadu areas of mine and, well, again, I’ve been a bit too lazy
about it. My bad, indeed!

Luckily, YouTube user
billdmorgan had the brilliant idea to sneak in a
camera and a tripod and filmed the pre-show for posterity or YouTube
copyright violations, which ever comes first. Thus, to take the pressure off
my shoulders and make it easy on you, here are the videos in order.
Even though there was no dancing with Dancin’, there were some at the start of the show, courtesy of Xanadu
dancer Darcel and her dancin’ crew. The performance became so infectious that Ms. Kelly went on stage and
joined in. Darcel had a large presence at the show as she also had an elaborate table in the theatre lobby selling
her autobiography book and brochures for her Funk Fusion classes. Here’s a chunk of her performance.

Host Marc Edward Heuck introduces Gene Kelly’s widow Patricia Ward Kelly. She tells amazing stories of one
amazing man. Quite a highlight!

Heuk introduced the first of many of Xanadu’s cast and crew onto the stage. There were so many names that I felt
intimidated to remember them all….and I was audio recording this insanity with my mp3 player!

Adding insult to injury to my unprofessional note taking ability, Heuk brings out even more cast and crew survivors!
Can you stand it!?!?

We now head into the costume contest. Even more fun was had, especially when the winner had to be escorted on
and off the stage by Ms. Kelly. What troopers! Note a small stage appearance by Heather.
At this point, the trailer and movie was shown and as Marc mentioned, the movie an original slightly warn 1980 print
WITH DOLBY STEREO SOUND!!! First time ever!! Though there were not much singing along with the songs
during this screening, Suspended In Time did create a special moment with the audience; while Olivia sang her
blissful heart out, a good chunk of the audience turned on her cell phones like a lighter and held it up high as this
was a live concert. A funny and wonderful moment!

After the show was over, everybody gathered in the lobby for general meet and greet and some ended up the local
In-n-Out Burger.
The following are a small selection of
pictures I took during the event,
including the small army of Xanadu t-

Thanks to Heather for the screening,
Marc for the hosting duties and to Ms.
Kelly for being a trooper by putting up
with this Xanadu fandom jazz.

See ya at number 35…should we and a
film copy of Xanadu survive by then.

You damn well know the film is an
original copy when you see the GP
rating!! Xanadu was one of the last films
to receive such a certificate!!
LEFT: Marc in his 'time travel' outfit with the winner of the costume
contest winner.
ABOVE: the lucky driver with her lucky licences plate.
BELOW: two more members of the Xanadu Hand-made T-shirt
The host and the hostess! Thanks again!!
PS: just before the date of this screening was
announced and on the occasion of the anniversary,
Marc wrote an Xanadu-themed entry in his blog,
Projector Has Been Drinking. It is one of the very
best Xanadu pieces we have ever read: it's deeply
personal and explains in eloquent detail of Xanadu's
appeal for many fans. Thanks again to Marc for writing
such a wonderful testimony!