Around 1999, we received an e-mail from a man from
France named Leroy Jones, who claimed to have
been one of the Xanadu Dancers. He backed up his
claim with a couple of personal photos from the
Xanadu set; one with Olivia and the other on the main
set, both with him in costume and with the familiar red

As you might have imagined, we were thrilled with this
letter and asked permission to use these pictures for
the site. Not only did he us his permission but agreed
to type up his experiences working on the film. We
offered that we wouldn't post the pictures until he was
ready with the text.

Sadly, this was the last time we heard from him and all
attempts to contact him has failed.         
Therefore, we are posting these pictures in hope he'll
come out of the woodwork and provide the text. A little
pushy on our part, it beats to see these great rare
photos gather dust of oblivion.

UPDATE! He has been found and has a MySpace
space. Welcome back, buddy!!
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