Xanadu had an elaborate publicity and advertising scheme as The Xanadu Story and parts
of this site has shown and it extended to its rather large press pack.

The pack contained a small stack of B&W photos from the movie and it’s production, three
stapled stacks of promotional literature and one ‘Press Book’ featuring articles offered to
newspapers for print and ads of various sizes (
some of which you can see at Only Olivia’s
Xanadu section). All of which nestled in a large fold out binder. In fact, the folder is so big
that its front cover can barely fit my scanner! (
see above) The pack also contains, printed
inside the folder, names and address of the studio’s publicity offices in Los Angeles and
New York City at the time.

Not much is known of how many pictures were original included in this package. I even seen
one pack with no cover, just a standard white colored folder issued from Universal.

Still, it’s a big set and I managed to find and buy my original copy in the late 80’s at a sci-fi
convention near LAX. It was the closest thing to sci-fi I ever bought at such a place. In fact, I
got a strange look from the guy who sold it to me for $40. Looking back, I suspect that stare
was due to the fact he was wearing a Klingon costume. Go figure……
Anyways, as part of the elaborate design of
this pack, each of the three stapled promo
literature was printed on special stationary,
with the movie’s title logo, small touches of
art deco and the studio’s address (
see left)
…well, the first pages, that is. The
remaining pages may have been printed on
the same paper, but without the printed

Below are the first two stacks of ‘lit for the
movie. The third one just lists the films
credits which, I’m pretty sure by now,
EVERYbody knows by heart and the facts
and figures offered by the following two
stacks will be no different. However, there
are a few nuggets to be found in here and
some might even enjoy the rather dramatic
tone of the Synopsis (
which reads like a
short story
) and the first part of the
Production Notes.


Odds & Ends & Others