Sonny quits his job at Airflo Records. For perhaps the first time in his life, he is truly excited. Really

That night he and Kira celebrate together, standing in the hills above the Hollywood Bowl. Sonny is in
love with her. She cannot commit herself. In response to his questions, she simply says she lives with
her sisters. On the second floor.

“….don’t walk away, don’t say goodbye
don’t turn around, don’t let it die….”

And as they stand there under the star-littered sky, Sonny and Kira miraculously become figures on a
world of fantasy, in which magically they are transformed into birds, into fishes… Even in the unreality
of this brief new world, she continues to elude him.

Construction on XANADU begins. Telling the workers they are building a dream, Danny generously
provides champagne for them. The dream is coming true. Sonny and Kira tell Danny he needs new
clothes for the opening. He needs pizazz. Glitz.

And glitz is what he gets when they take him on an outrageous boutique.

“….everybody all around the world
gotta tell you what I just heard
there’s gonna be a party all over the world….”

Danny dances through numerous changes of wardrobe, as flamboyantly dressed dancers ass to the
festive as atmosphere of the store.

“….all over the world, everybody got the word
everybody, everywhere is gonna feel tonight….”

And there is XANADU. Almost completed. At least. The opening is tomorrow night. Danny makes final
plans for the opening, as Sonny and Kira silently dance together, their arms wound around each other.

Danny admits to Kira that he is the most nervous he’s been since 1945.

“Just pretend that we’re back in 1945 all over again,” she tells him.

“It is 1945 all over again,” he smiles.

Walking along the beach later that night, Sonny tells Kira he loves her. She says she loves him too.
Immediately, Kira pulls away. “This was never supposed to happen,” she says. “All I was sent to do
was make XANADU happen.”

In his apartment, Kira explains. He’s been kissed by a Muse. Kira tells him she’s a daughter of Zeus.
Muses are just supposed to inspire. Not feel. She broke the rules.

Sonny is stunned. Kira turns on the TV to show the power of her magic. The characters in an old
gangster movie speak to Sonny, confirming Kira’s story. Kira, in fact, is in the movie; she even waves at

“It should ever have happened,” she tells Sonny. But it did. It doesn’t matter, though, she has to leave. It’
s that simple. And that difficult. Sonny is desperate. I love you, she tells him. “I’ll love you forever.”

And she disappears.

“I’ll love you forever.”

The next morning, Danny finds Sonny on the beach. The older man is excited about tonight’s opening.
The artist doesn’t care anymore. “There’s no XANADU, because there’s no Kira,” he says. “She made it
real.” Kira was just a dream and dreams die.

“Dreams don’t die,” says Danny, “we kill them. Don’t let the dream and the love die. If she got here,
there’s a way to get there! It’s up to you.”

“….our love couldn’t go wrong, how could I know
I was only dreaming
And now, now that you’re gone, I will go on
really believing—I take the fall….”

The distraught Sonny races along the boardwalk desperately searching the crowd for Kira.

“….I see you in a dream, you turn and start to go
I call you once more, guess that I’m takin’ the fall….”

And then, he comes upon the mural of the nine Muses. He pauses, thinking hard, and then totally
determined, races to the wall. With all the energy and motion he can muster, he crashes through! Into
somewhere. Where?

In an unreal landscape amid ribbons of light, he find Kira. They are at a great distance from each other,
unable to touch. She cannot leave with him. She wants to—but it is impossible. It’s never been done.

A booming voice surrounds them. The voice tell Sonny to immediately. The two lovers plead with him to
allow Kira to go as well. Never. Then a softer voice is heard, asking him to reconsider. The response is
a resounding No! Other people have dreams too, he says. One dream—one Muse.


And Sonny disappears.

Kira is alone.

“….but how can our love succeed
a miracle is what we need
and so I appeal to you
keep me suspended in time with you
don’t let this moment die
I get a feeling when I’m with you
none of the rules apply….”

And then, there is a stillness. Like the concerned and caring father he is, and, too, at the cajoling of his
consort, he relents. He allows Kira to return to earth “for just a moment.”

But what a moment it is! The opening of XANADU! Magic. Excitement. Singing. Dancing. A delirious
extravaganza. Truly, a place where….

“….a million lights are dancing
and there you are, a shooting star
an everlasting world and you’re here with me….”

And Kira sings and dances like the goddess she is in a dazzling array of costumes and musical styles
with her eight sisters, while a hundred of others—especially Sonny and Danny—joyously celebrate this
momentous nights.

“….and now open your eyes and see
what we have made is real
we are in Xanadu….”

Sonny and Kira are together again for one last shinning moment. For one last glorious moment. For
one last shared moment of a eternal love. A love which will never die.

And then, with her eight sisters Muses, Kira magically ascends and is transformed into pure energy
and disappears in an incandescent shower of light.

Kira is gone, and Sonny, heartbroken, sits down with his friend Danny. You must have a drink, insists
Danny. A waitress appears to take his order. Sonny looks up. The beautiful woman before him is the
very embodiment of Kira.

The two begin to chat happily, almost familiarly, like two people who know in an instant, the long,
lonely, wait is finally over….

“….and if all your hopes survives,
destiny will arrive
bring all your dreams alive
for you….”
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