The following set of pictures was
graciously provided by Sweet Dick’s
early producer, Douglas McEwan.
Text by him.

“Doug & Dick on Catalina” is Dick & me
in Avelon during the great April 1972
stunt “The Catalina War”. (
picture by Bill
ABOVE: “Catalina Tap” is another photo from The Catalina War. It’s Dick’s entire invasionary
army tap dancing into Avelon. (
picture by Bill Smith)
LEFT: “Whittington Show Staff 1971”
was taken at KABC-TV in September
1971, when Sweet Dick was subbing
for Ralph Storey, hosting “Ralph
Storey’s AM’ morning show, by doing
Sweet Dick’s radio show on TV. Front
row (L to R) Me dressed as my
character “Cincinnati Armory”, and
Bill Sherman, who played a poet
character “Walter Tacky”. Back row:
Bill Smith (in costume as his reporter
character “Harrison Hollywood”),
Sweet Dick and then-producer Tom
ABOVE: “Dining In Beverly Hills” is from 2001. It’s a group of us dining at a restaurant in
Beverly Hills after Dick, Al Loman, Gary Owens and others were honored on a panel
discussion at the TV & Radio Museum. L to R: Whittington, Mike Horn, Jeff Gerhinger,
unidentified woman, Al Loman and myself. (
Photo by Jayne Hamil)
We like to thank Mr. McEwan for allowing us to post
these photos.
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