One upon a time, in a universe far away,
Los Angeles Magazine did their first
and only zine piece.

In it's August 1994 issue (
cover above),
two pages were set aside for the teeming
local few; with some scant reviews with
no addresses and a VERY few with their
face shown!

Some were well known (
like Derby from
Ben Is Dead
), semi-known and there
were those who flew far under this
"underground" me. Hell, the
writer who interviewed me wouldn't tell
me where and/or how he bumped into my
Shmuck-O Rat comic.
Anyways, the last mug you see in this
page belonged to me, until I lost the
thick glasses thanks to a lazik surgery in
2003. The photos of this "note" were
taken in a studio that was in West
LA/Hollywood area and a few steps from
the old KCOP 13 television studio.
This photo on the left is from the same issue,
but it's from a different piece, though similar
'notes of the 'underground' tone. This time, it's
an 8 page piece on Venice Beach Boardwalk
performers and this excerpt is of the stride
pianist master,
Barry 'The Lion' Gordon. I
used to see him quite a lot on the boardwalk
during the late 80's to the late 90's. We talked a
bit and exchanged personal art; I give him some
of my comics and I bought almost all of his

I haven't seen him in awhile and he dose not
have a web site. However, should you find him
around the Santa Monica Prominade (
sic) or
the old stomping grounds of the Boardwalk, be
sure to stick around for a number or two and
pick up whatever new CD he's selling. You won't
regret it!
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ABOVE: page one
two with the old version
of my mug.